What if I'm not a Christian?


If you are someone who is seeking to find out what Christianity is all about and what it means to you for life here and now as well as for eternity you are welcome to join us. It doesn't matter what's in your past, Jesus can forgive and heal you and enable you to live a faithful life committed to Christ. He has done it for many of us and we live with thankful hearts every day!

Crossroads Church of The Nazarene

Our Pastors


Stephen and Karenlee Belokur are co-pastors recently ordained in May of 2012. This is their first senior pastor position as they previously served as associate pastors. Stephen and Karenlee have been here at Crossroads Church of The Nazarene in Arcade, NY since December 2010 and love the folks in the church and the surrounding communities. Steve is from a family of twelve children raised near Binghamton, NY in a small community much like Arcade. Karenlee is from a family of three and was also raised near Binghamton, NY but in a more suburban environment. Steve and Karenlee are humbled and truly honored that the Lord would allow them to serve Him in this manner.

Our Denomination


The Church of The Nazarene is a denomination which believe that we can live holy lives by the power given to us by God's Holy Spirit. We believe, preach and teach the Bible as the Word of God Himself. We also believe that anyone can find eternal life by trusting completely in Jesus and turning away from a life of disobeying God.

About our Church


We are a church located in the rural township of Arcade, NY which is approximately 45 minutes south of Buffalo, NY. Our congregation can range from 40 -50 on any given Sunday morning.

At Crossroads you will find a group of people who love Jesus and who love one another and are growing in spiritual maturity as we faithfully follow the instructions given to us by God in the Bible.

All are welcome to join us on our journey through life. We don't have to make that journey alone, and, we certainly cannot make it without Jesus by our side. He is our strength and our salvation.